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Panhandle Safe Hayven Equine Rescue does not have legal authority to go onto private property without the owner's permission.. However, we are always available to assist officers should they need to seize a horse. If you turn in a report to us of suspected abuse, we WILL go look at the horse. After seeing the horse personally, we will contact the appropriate authorities. We will also return a call or email to you if you request it. We ask that you also contact the Sheriff department in the county where the horse is being kept. Try to be matter-of-fact. Strong emotion is not helpful. You should request a call back from the deputy after the horse is seen. You will need to give the location and a GOOD description of the horse. Give as many details as possible, including color, size, and why you feel there is abuse. DO NOT confront the horse owner yourself. Pictures are very helpful if you can get them SAFELY!

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