June 12, 2017
January 12, 2017


Meet One-Eyed Teddy! *ADOPTION PENDING!!*
  • Price-$400.00
  • Age-30
  • Temperment-3
  • Experience Level-Advanced Beginner-Intermediate
  • Rideable
  • Contract-Lifetime

Teddy is an older (30 yr old) Tennessee Walker about 14.1 that came to us last year. Teddy is such a sweet gentle soul but when we got him, he desperately needed to have surgery to have his left eye removed. Gracious supporters of the rescue and donations from the public made it possible for Teddy to have the surgery he so urgently needed. Teddy has fully recovered and has had ample time to adjust to life with only one eye. Teddy's first ride since he has been with the rescue went very well and even though he is missing his eye nothing seemed to bother him. Teddy is a gaited pacer horse which means that he doesn't have your typical walk, trot, and lope. When Teddy paces he is an extremely smooth easy ride and would make someone an excellent trail horse with time and patience. The video posted is of Teddy's first ride with one of the rescues volunteers.

. If you are interested in Adopting Teddy, please click the Adoption kit button to download the current adoption application. Applications may be e-mailed, or mailed to the rescue to be considered.

Teddy is also available to sponsor. All sponsor donations go towards everyday expenses of owning a horse. Donations will go directly to the horse being sponsored for vetting (as needed), farrier expenses, feed, and grooming supplies.

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